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Black Dove, White Raven – Elizabeth Wein

Teo and Em are children of a female pilot and wing walker team, traveling the US after WWI as performers in air shows.  When Delia is killed, Rhoda raises Teo as her own.  So brother and sister, black and white, … Continue reading

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A Blink of the Screen: Collected Shorter Fiction – Terry Pratchett, A. S. Byatt (Foreword by)

Oh my.  This is a wonderful collection of Terry Pratchett’s short fiction starting with his first published work when he was only thirteen, through his time with Bucks Free press, and on to the Discworld.  The early works are very … Continue reading

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Clash of Eagles – Alan Smale

The 33rd Legion under the command of Gaius Publius Marcellinus started to lose men as soon as they marched away from the Mare Chesapica, yet they had not engaged the enemy in a real battle.  An arrow flying from the … Continue reading

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The Next Species: The Future of Evolution in the Aftermath of Man – Michael Tennesen

If all the species now considered threatened are actually lost this century, and if this rate of extinction continues, a study in the magazine Nature determined that we are on track to lose three-quarters of all species within the next … Continue reading

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