The Next Species: The Future of Evolution in the Aftermath of Man – Michael Tennesen

next speciesIf all the species now considered threatened are actually lost this century, and if this rate of extinction continues, a study in the magazine Nature determined that we are on track to lose three-quarters of all species within the next century.  And we are dependent upon these species for our own survival.  This book takes us from Guatemala to Las Vegas, from the Amazon to the Colorado River, to oceans and mountains, all with the same dire prediction.   It seems that we may be heading for the next mass extinction, and man will either evolve into a new species or join that extinction.

The author examines what happened in former mass extinctions and what might happen this time, how we might or might not evolve.  I found the book to be quite interesting and quite disturbing.  Naively, I had always assumed we could come up with a solution to any problem and that man would always endure.  I may have been greatly mistaken.


eGalley review                          Publication date 3.17.15

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