Dream a Little Dream – Kerstin Gier; translated by Anthea Bell

dream a llittle dreamLiv and her sister have spent their childhood travelling from country to country and they want to land in one spot, a home.  Their mother has taken a job in England and there is a little country cottage with their name on it.  Oh but no, it looks like they will be moving in with her mother’s new fiancé’s family.  He has two children, also in high school, who are none too pleased with the new arrangement.  Soon enough, Liv starts having strange dreams where she spies four boys in some sort of ritual.  Turns out they are the cute, popular boys in her new school.  When they sleep, they can enter into other’s dreams – glimpse other’s nightmares or joys.  When the boys discover that new girl Liv shares their ability, they enlist her in the bargain they made with a demon.

The glib dialogue and spunky female protagonist that sparkles in Gier’s Ruby Red trilogy shines here as well.  Liv is a no-nonsense, sharp on her feet, kung fu kind of girl and so easy to like.  There is a bit of a romance and plenty of secrets.  A foretelling of trouble ends the first book in this new series.

eGalley review        Publication date 4.14.15

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