In a World Just Right – Jen Brooks

in a world just rightWhen Jonathan was in grade school, he survived an airplane crash that killed his family.  He has many scars from the crash and he distances himself from his classmates.  He is raised by an uncle who is curiously absent from any interaction with Jonathan.  Now a senior in high school, Jonathan discovered several years ago that he can make worlds, worlds where his classmates are good friends and Kylie is his girlfriend.  Kylie barely looks at him in his real world. Jonathan just has to think about the world he chooses to be in and there it is, until his worlds begin to merge.  He has reached a point when he has to choose which world is “real”.

Slowly and deliberately, the characters are studied.  Jonathan is full of sorrow and mystery.  The plot twist comes a bit late in the story so that the less focused reader might give up, but I’m glad I stayed with it.

eGalley review       Publication date 4.28.15

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