Rook – Sharon Cameron

RookHistory is doomed to repeat and the setting in Paris, France.  This dystopia features a society that has shunned all things related to old technology.  The ruthless leader of the revolution created a blood bath in killing the former ruling class.  Prisoners that survive the tortures of the dungeon meet their execution in public.  But someone is freeing the prisoners, leaving the red feather of the Rook behind.  Our heroine is the spunky Sophia who is being forced to marry Rene’ for a wedding fee that will save the family estate from her father’s bumbling mismanagement.  She does this for beloved brother Tom.  It is Tom and Sophia who have succeeded in smuggling prisoners from the dungeons.  On the verge of discovery, Sophia plans her most daring rescue while dealing with her empty-headed dandy of a fiancé, Rene’.  Ahhh, but is Rene’ really the fob he acts?

This delicious remake of The Scarlet Pimpernel is action-packed and tinged with romance.  Not too much, just a bit, after all, there is serious work that must be done.  Difficult to put down!  Highly recommend.

eGalley review        Publication date 4.28.15

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