Dust to Dust – Melissa Walker

dust to dustCallie was in a prolonged coma following a car accident.  During that time, she was in an in-between place for souls who are misguided or have unresolved issues that prevent them from moving on.  She met Thatcher, who died many years before, and fell in love with him.  She also met some other teen spirits who are on the wilder side with hauntings and possessions.  Now she is awake and reunited with her boyfriend, Nick and best friend, Carson.  But she still longs for Thatcher and feels his presence.  Thatcher is warning her to watch out for her former spirit friends who are intent on possessing Callie’s friends in order to live again.  With Thatcher’s guidance, Callie begins a deadly game of cat and mouse aiming to thwart the rebel ghosts’ plans to posses Callie’s friends.

This is the sequel to Ashes to Ashes but can be read as a standalone.  The author does a good job in filling in the backstory.  Chock full of paranormal suspense and vivid characters, teens should enjoy this haunting story.

eGalley review                Publication date 5.5.15

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