The Gracekeepers – Kirsty Logan

The GracekeepersCallanish was busy, performing at least two Restings a week.  She looked young, far from death.  People liked that.  She prepared the dead, said the words, and slipped them into the sea. Legally, all damplings had to be interred in a Graceyard.  The Graceyards were lined up along the equator. They were far from any destination. It was a fine place for Callanish, a landlocker, and for Callinish’s dark secret.

North was a dampling, and felt uncomfortable on the land that never moved.  She and her bear sailed on the circus boat Excalibur and were waiting for their circus act to begin.  Tonight it would be a simple dance with Bear and a kiss. North loved Bear and Bear loved North.  North also had a secret.  Callanish and North, two girls so very different, yet so very alike.

This lovely book reads like a fairy tale.  It is the story of a water world, our world, drowned and become a sea dotted with scattered archipelagos.  The little isles are peopled with landlockers who must be bribed and persuaded to share their food with the damplings who endlessly sail the world. I was totally drawn into this world, totally involved in the lives of the people, was enchanted by the beautiful prose. I came to love all the characters, even those who were not so nice.  The book is suitable for older teens and I highly recommend it.

eGalley review       Publication date 5.19.15

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