Silver in the Blood – Jessica Day George

silver in the bloodCousins Dacia and Lou, born in America during the late 1800s and are the best of friends.  They have been raised in high society by mothers of Romanian birth and now it is time they found spouses.  They’ve come of age and have been sent to Romania to get to know their other relations.  Little did they know that the family matriarch is a cruel and domineering woman whose desire for power guides her every move.   It seems their mothers have been keeping a deep dark secret.  They come from a family of shapeshifters and now that they are 17, their Romanian family enable their first change.  The family needs the girls back in the country to help overthrow the king of Romania so the royal Draculas can regain the throne.

Dacia and Lou are plucky, vivacious, and spunky, yet downright vicious when they have to be.  The girls don’t meekly accept their role in the family.  Punctuated with intrigue and action, the story briskly unfolds.  The men in the story are secondary characters but very well drawn.  This is a fun read and is another gem from Jessica Day George.  There is violence but the language and sexual situations are okay for middle grades while captivating for older teens.  Highly recommend.

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