The Leveller – Julia Durango

The LevellerNix earns money for her college fund by working as a bounty hunter in the virtual world of MEEP.  When kids stay hooked up to their virtual world too long, having adventures in their virtual world while their body remains unconsious, parents call Nix to go into their kid’s world and retrieve them.  Nix’s parents work for the MEEP developer so she has inside access to commands that help her in her missions.  All is well in the virtual world until the mega billionaire MEEP developer’s son, Wyn, is trapped inside the virtual world and Nix is hired to retrieve him.  His body lies hooked up to machines to keep it alive since it has been days.  Nix navigates a series of deadly traps while making her way to Wyn only to get trapped in Wyn’s MEEP world.

Nix is such a fun heroine.  She’s spunky and witty and sharp.  Then there is Wyn who has the attention to detail and delight in world building that would make his island retreat and pet kraken a wonderful world to visit – but not when assassins are after you.  This is another offering to the growing novels about the addiction of gaming and virtual worlds like Heir Apparent (Vande Velde) and Elusion (Gabel and Klam).  The Leveller is well-written and fun to read.  In addition to the action-packed story line, there is the caution about the intrusion of the virtual world into the real world.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review         Publication date 6.23.15

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