Another Day – David Levithan

another dayWhile this could be read as a standalone, it is far better to have read Every Day first.  It is okay if Every Day was read years ago, the story will come back.  Another Day is not a continuation of Every Day but tells the story from Rhiannon’s point of view.  A is a soul that since infancy, wakes up in a different body every day.  A is neither boy nor girl. A is a person, or perhaps a soul.  A ages.  For example, when 16, all the bodies A inhabits are 16.  A meets a girl, Rhiannon, and for the first time, strives to make a lasting connection.  From Rhiannon’s point of view, the reader glimpses the struggle to accept this person she is falling in love with is in a different body (girl or boy) every day.  Can she have a real relationship with someone like that?  And what about her boyfriend Justin?  That relationship involves a lot of work and struggle, so it that truly a quality relationship?

Excellent questions are examined and feelings are thought out.  The nature of relationships is front and center.  Beautifully written and provides so much food for thought.  This book is better for older teens. Highly recommend.

eGalley review     Publication date 8.25.15

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