The Taming of the Queen – Philippa Gregory

Taming of the QueenIn fairy tales young women dream of marrying a king, becoming a queen. But this isn’t a fairy tale.  This is reality, circa 1543, London, and the king is wife murderer, Henry VIII. Newly widowed.  Kateryn Parr has just received a proposal she can’t refuse. Her life will now be measured in careful steps, careful words, always hoping she will not fall out of favor. Still, she manages to be herself; to study, to learn and even to publish.

Told in Kateryn’s voice, I felt as if she were talking to me and I experienced her fears and doubts, and moments of triumph.  In spite of knowing the story and knowing the ending, I found myself full of anxiety. I was turning pages to see what happens next, just like a suspense novel. As always, the descriptions of court life are vivid and detailed . . . the clothes, the food, even the smells, bringing the reader into the story. This may be Philippa Gregory’s best book.  Highly recommend!

eGalley review       Publication date 8.25.15

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