The One Thing – Marci Lyn Curtis

the one thingMaggie recently lost her eyesight from a severe illness and now attends a high school for the blind.  Rather than throwing herself a pity party, she digs in and rebels in her own way.  The story opens with her regular appointment at her probation officer for vandalizing a school statue – a rather funny yet harmless prank.  After her appointment, she trips and falls banging her head and opens her eyes to see young Ben.  Yes, see!  She can actually see this glib 10-year-old.  He promptly adopts her, declaring her his new girlfriend and invites her home to dinner.  They develop a brother/sister relationship while Maggie develops a serious crush on Ben’s older brother Mason, an idolized singer in a local band.  Maggie can only see Ben and images close to Ben.  Why?

Maggie is struggling with accepting her blindness and frustration with her seemingly uninvolved parents.  It is a story of relationships and extremely well told.  While the bit about seeing only around Ben is rather contrived, that’s okay.  It makes for a meaningful story that I really enjoyed reading and should attract a following of tween and teen readers.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review                        Publication date 9.8.15

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