Pieces of Why – K. L. Going

pieces of whyTia does not know her father well.  He has been in prison for many years.  Her mother struggles to make ends meet and works very long hours, rarely seen around the community.  Tia is a gifted singer and is a featured singer in a gospel choir, yet her mother has rarely seen her perform.  Fortunately, Tia has a strong best friend in Keisha and is accepted as a member of Keisha’s family.  At choir practice, a shooting occurs and an innocent child is killed.  This dredges up the story of Tia’s father and why he is in prison and why her mother keeps to herself.

Based on the author’s childhood in New Orleans, the author is successful in conveying the feel of New Orleans – the neighborhoods, the music, the people.  This is a fairly quick read and very meaningful.

eGalley review                       Publication date 9.8.15

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