Orbiting Jupiter – Gary D. Schmidt

orbiting jupiterA kind family living simply on a small farm decide to foster an 8th grader, Joseph, who has been through so much.  He comes from a juvenile correctional facility and needs a fresh start.  Jack, 6th grader welcomes Joseph into the family.  Jack shows him how to do chores around the farm and take up for Joseph at school.  Without even knowing him, many teachers already pegged Joseph as trouble.  Except for a few teachers who recognize his talents and encourage him.

Joseph has a baby daughter, Jupiter.  He has never seen her but desperately wants to see her, hold her and care for her.  Jupiter is in foster care and is waiting for an adoptive family once the legal ends are tied up.  And that’s a problem.  Jack, who is determined to have Joseph’s back, strives to help him find his daughter.

One of the most impactful quick reads that I have read in a while.  I rarely shed a tear when I read, but this story caused my eyes to leak a bit.  The characters range from caring to cruel, each written with such care that the true nature comes out.  Joseph is misunderstood and likeable while Jack is the brother everyone should have.  A must-read for everyone, middle-grade to adult.  Highly recommend!

Publication date 10.6.15

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