The Children’s Home – Charles Lambert

Children's HomeMorgan has been grotesquely disfigured in an accident and has become a recluse, heir to a fortune but never leaving his estate. Cared for by his housekeeper, Engel, his doctor is his only friend and his only link to the outside world. On the day the baby was found his life changed forever. That the baby was left on the steps leading from the kitchen to the garden was deemed a miracle by Engel, for if it had been deposited anywhere else, it probably would have died. As it was, she scooped it up and hugged it to her ample bosom. Morgan held the baby later, stroking her soft hair, thinking perhaps the child might sometime love him. The other children began to appear shortly after that. By the end of the third month there were six or seven of them. The oldest was a boy who walked into the house one day. He had a tag on his wrist with David written on it. He said he was five years old.

It’s hard to define the genre of this book. It is surreal and haunting, but not quite a horror story, not quite a fairy tale, not quite any one thing. Whatever it is, I liked it very much. It is suitable for teens, who might better relate to it.

eGalley review                      Publication date 1.5.16

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