Moo – Sharon Creech

MooA family decides to leave the big city for life in rural Maine.  Reena and Luke are quickly indoctrinated on the ways of country life when their parents volunteer them to assist an elderly resident, Mrs. Falala.  She promptly assigns them to take care of her cow, Zora, and charges them to prepare to show Zora at the fair.  With reluctance, Reena assumes cow duty and with the help of locals learns the language of cows.  This short novel is written in prose with a smattering of concrete poetry that makes the reading effortless.  Sharp tongued, Mrs. Falala, is a character rich in depth despite only hints to her past.  Reena and Luke are well-written, initially reluctant but rise to the occasion.  A heartwarming story for all that just might make the reader want to spend time with cows.  Another winning book from Sharon Creech.

eGalley review                                  Publication date 8.30.16

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