StarChaser: TodHunter Moon #3 – Angie Sage

starchaserThis third adventure in the TodHunter Moon series opens with the reveal of a huge problem because the world’s magic source is drying, turning to powder, and poof – gone.  Magyk comes from lapis lazuli beneath the wizard tower and other parts of the world and begins to disintegrate after the removal of the Orm Egg that was the keystone holding the Magyk together.  After the Orm Egg was rescued from Oraton Marr, the egg hatched and has become a rather wild pet of sorts.  Tod has plans to find a new Keystone (more eggs) and discovers the mystery surrounding the Pathfinders and their Ancestors.  To further complicate matters, Tod must dodge the murderous intentions of her Aunt Mitza. Excellent adventure and brilliant characters.  My all-time favorite series!

Star Chaser is another adventure with my book friends, that I have followed since receiving a galley of Magyk back in 2005.  I hope it is not the last adventure set in this charming world.

eGalley review                                        Publication date 10.11.16

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