Blood for Blood – Ryan Graudin

blood-for-bloodYael’s story continues in this alternate history with Germany and Japan the victors of WWII.  Yael was the subject of medical experiments as a young girl in the Nazi concentration camps.  As a result, she can skin-shift, physically change her appearance.  In Wolf by Wolf, Yael joined the Resistance and trained to assassinate Hitler that would lead to a second Valkyrie.

The story opens with Yael attempting to flee Japan after killing a Hitler double.  A double!  So this is why Hitler has “survived” so many assassination attempts.  Felix is tortured and betrays Yael leading to her capture.  And Victor Luka manages to get himself caught up in the whole thing and falling in love with the real Yael.  The three make a daring escape while being flown back to Germania and struggle to meet up with the Resistance.  The killing of Hitler, double or not, began a worldwide insurgency as Valkyrie intended.

Strength, hope, survival and an overwhelming goal of correcting injustice drive Yael and eventually, Luka, to pursue Hitler and attempt another assassination.  The sequel is every bit as excellent and perhaps better than the first book.  Brilliantly drawn characters include highly skilled and focused Yael, troubled Felix and Luka who always has some glib remark.  There is not a single flaw in the plot or pacing.   It is war, there is violence so not for the squeamish.  Highly recommend!

eGalley review                                          Publication date 11.1.16

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