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Blood for Blood – Ryan Graudin

Yael’s story continues in this alternate history with Germany and Japan the victors of WWII.  Yael was the subject of medical experiments as a young girl in the Nazi concentration camps.  As a result, she can skin-shift, physically change her … Continue reading

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Raven Flight – Juliet Marillier

Her first weeks at Shadowfell were spent resting, eating and slowly gaining strength after her long and perilous journey.   Neryn now feels comfortable and secure.  All the people around her are so loving and caring.  Well, almost all.  Tali is … Continue reading

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Unthinkable – Nancy Werlin

In this sequel to Impossible, Frenella, who inadvertently started the family curse by the Faerie lord, pleas for death after 800 years confined in faerie.  The fey appear to have little compassion to her plight but agree by setting conditions … Continue reading

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Ghoulish Song – William Alexander

This second book in the Goblin Secrets series takes place during the same time frame as Goblin Secrets, but focuses on a character that has just a few lines in the first book.  After Kaile gives the goblin acting troupe … Continue reading

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Feedback – Robinson Wells

Spoiler Alert!  If you have not read Variant, please do not read this review. That Benson can take a punch and keep on going.  It is amazing that a teen with no training in combat sports can wallop and disable … Continue reading

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UnWholly – Neal Shusterman

Spoiler alert – Please read Unwind first before reading this review. Unwind, one of my favorite dystopian thrillers, is another masterpiece by Neal Shusterman and so engrossing that I was a tad reluctant to read the sequel in fear of … Continue reading

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A Million Suns – Beth Revis

I reviewed the first book in the planned trilogy, Across the Universe, in October 2011.  A Million Suns continues the story with new and somewhat reluctant leader, Elder, facing a mutinous crew now that they are off the pacifying drugs.  … Continue reading

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Crossed – Ally Condie (sequel to Matched)

It is difficult to give a summary without spoiling the story for the reader.  At the end of Matched, the characters are separated.  For half of Crossed, Cassia is searching for Ky.  She is still torn by her love for … Continue reading

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