Ever the Hunted – Erin Summerill

ever-the-huntedBritta’s mother was murdered when she was an infant leaving her to be raised by her father in a remote cabin in the woods. He was a bounty hunter for the king and taught Britta and apprentice Cohen to hunt and track.  Britta and Cohen grew close but following a terrible animal attack, Cohen abruptly left.  Soon after, her father was murdered.  Utterly alone and starving, Britta was caught poaching and was offered a deal to save her life.  She was told that Cohen murdered her father and was on the run.  Britta was to accompany the captain of the guard and track down Cohen.  How can the man she loved, who also loved her father have killed him?

While the plot elements are familiar – kingdoms at war, deception, manipulation, false accusations, learning to use a magical ability – the writing flows well. The characters feel true and Britta makes for a highly skilled heroine.  Cohen is the stoic, kind-hearted hero.  I do wish there was more about Enat.  Perhaps subsequent installments will reveal her complex backstory.

eGalley review                                     Publication date 12.27.16


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