An Eagle in the Snow – Michael Morpurgo

an-eagle-in-the-snowBritain’s most decorated private during World War I Henry Tandey. This is the fictionalized account of his life, his heroics, his bravery, and his morals.  Morals so strong he could not bring himself to shoot an injured German.  Years later, it is thought the life he spared was young Adolph Hitler.  The story of Private Henry Tandey unfolds when Barney and his mother are traveling to safety after their home was destroyed during the bombing of Coventry.  During the ride, an older gentleman retells the story of his friend’s exploits during World War I.

The story is a brief overview of a brave man, who did his duty, saved lives and did so without seeking recognition.  He repeatedly saved wounded soldiers and went on dangerous missions.  Brevity is key to this impactful story.  The focus is not on details of the battles, but on the man who shunned the spotlight while fighting for Britain.  Another excellent story from the acclaimed author.

eGalley review                                         Publication date 1.17.17

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