Winterfolk – Janel Kolby

WinterfolkAt one time, when Rain was a little child, she had a home and a mother.  Then she and her father lived in a car.  Now, they live in a tent in the woods outside of Seattle where they have been for several years.  Rain has learned to stay quiet and hidden to not bring attention to herself and the others who live in the woods.  One day, the city puts up notices that everyone will be banned from the woods and Rain’s future is more unsettled than ever.

The author focuses on one day in Rain’s life.  King, who protects and provides for Rain, takes Rain into Seattle for a shower, laundry, and food.  She experiences riding a bus for the first time and a visit to the public library.  All does not go as planned.  The two are chased and separated.  Rain runs from those that would help her.  The author guides the reader into seeing the world through the very sheltered and unaware life of teenager Rain.  It is a quick read but good and tells a story worth telling.

eGalley review                                           Publication date 2.6.18

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