A Time of Love and Tartan: A 44 Scotland Street Novel – Alexander McCall Smith

A Time of Love and TartanIt was lovely to be back in Edinburgh among the folk of Scotland Street, and to catch up on what has been happening. Let’s see . . . Pat is tempted to get involved with Bruce again, Matthew and Elspeth are looking for help with the triplets, Bertie (dear, sweet, Bertie) is coping with life, Domenica and Angus are settling into married life, Big Lou is Big Lou. The big surprise involves Stuart and Irene. I love these people. They cope with the sort of trials we all have. Nothing traumatic happens. I can relax and read, knowing that everything will be all right in the end. It helps to have read the previous books, but one can enjoy the book without the back stories.

eGalley review                                                 Publication date 2.6.18

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