An Argumentation of Historians – Jodi Taylor

Argumentation of HistoriansIt was a good plan, of course it was. The historians would be in Persepolis trying to see if Alexander deliberately set fire to the place. All the while Clive Ronan (the evil villain) would be back at St. Mary’s taking the bait and being captured. Nothing could go wrong. Yeah, right. I’m talking about Max and her cohorts. Everything could go wrong, and it usually did. But when Max found herself plopped down in 1399 with no way to get home, things got very, very bad. This is book nine in the adventures of the historians at St. Mary’s Institute of Historical Research. It’s a secret operation that allows “investigation of major historical events in contemporary time.” In other words, time travel. It’s a complex book, funny, tragic, heart-warming, sometimes very bloody (although this book is far less bloody than some of the previous ones). It’s better to start with book one, but not absolutely necessary. There are enough references about previous disasters to keep you up to date. I absolutely love these books.

eGalley review                                 Publication date 4.10.18

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