Cave of Bones – Anne Hillerman

Cave of BonesTribal Police Officer Bernadette Manulito knew she owed Officer Cheryl Jasper a favor, a really big favor. So she had to say yes when asked. Then she learned that she had agreed to make a speech, and that was the worst punishment she could imagine! When told it would be a simple talk to a group of troubled girls involved in an outdoor program, she calmed down a bit. Of course, nothing is ever simple and Bernie had to deal with a traumatized girl who had discovered a human skeleton and an instructor who had gone missing. Meanwhile Bernie’s husband, Sergeant Jim Chee is worried about Darleen, Bernie’ sister. Seems she is involved with some less than desirable characters. For many years I enjoyed Tony Hillerman’s books, and am delighted that his daughter, Anne, has taken over the series. Each book has gotten better, and this one is really good. The action flows, and the plot comes together quite nicely. Navajo traditions are woven into the story, and the descriptions of the landscape are wonderful. I am eagerly anticipating her next book.

eGalley review                               Publication date 4.3.18

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