The Loneliest Girl in the Universe – Lauren James

00A61534-7BBB-45B4-8E5E-BDAF2F17BB8CThe spaceship is all Romy has ever known. She was an unauthorized/unexpected baby while her parents were the only crew members not in stasis during a long distance voyage to establish a colony. The crew in stasis died years ago, then Romy lost her parents. All alone for years with a batch of frozen embryos, she has no choice but to continue the mission. Transmissions from Earth have a long delay, so there is no one to help if an emergency situation arises. She learns that NASA sent another ship to catch up to her. Finally, she will not be alone! But what are the true intentions of this ship’s captain?

The author did an excellent job pulling off what is difficult to do in stories with limited characters. This is all Romy, all the time. Too much drivel about what the character is feeling is off putting. But this is so well written, that rather succinctly, the reader can grasp the situation, Romy’s reactions, feelings, and actions. The story moved briskly with the perfect amount of tension. The ending was spot on. The reader gets a glimpse and that is all that is needed. Highly Recommend.
eGalley review                                          Publication date 7.3.18

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