Clock Dance – Anne Tyler

32F5C59E-3658-4582-A76C-4E161C9E70E1Willa has always been the one to calm things down, smooth things over. Starting with her mother’s volatility, she was the child who made things better. We get little glimpses of her life as she hones her skill as a peace maker . . . a college student contemplating marriage, a young widow, a retiree married to her second husband. And then with a phone call from a stranger and a case of mistaken identity, she begins to reinvent herself.
Anne Tyler is amazing. Her books are always full of warmth and humor, dysfunctional families, and quirky characters….the same basic formula. Yet every book is fresh, original, not at all the same old thing. Her writing is beautiful and you fall in love with the characters. This is one of her best books. Don’t miss it.

eGalley review.                      Publication date 7.10.18

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