The Final Frontier – Neil Clarke, Ed.

5B51CE0A-5FBC-415E-9F47-9CDB2A765B44This anthology is all about space exploration and discovery. Neil Clarke says that it is like “all the episodes of Star Trek where they discover some new phenomena, make contact with a new species or explore the remnants of some long forgotten race.” Thus, the title. The list of authors sounds like a list of Nebula or Hugo award winners…. Ken Liu, Nancy Kress, Elizabeth Bear, Michael Swanwick, James Patrick Kelly…you get the idea. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Elizabeth Bear’s The Deeps of the Sky about an otherworlder sacrificing much to save an intruder is a contender. Sailing the Antarsa by Vandana Singh is beautiful and poetic. The Symphony of Ice and Dust by Julie Novakova is like nothing I’ve read before. I loved them all

eGalley review.                                          Publication date 7.10.18

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