Seafire -Natalie C. Parker

SeafireFrom the publisher: “After her family is killed by corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of Bullets, Caledonia Styx is left to chart her own course on the dangerous and deadly seas. She captains her ship, the Mors Navis, with a crew of girls and women just like her, whose lives have been turned upside down by Aric and his men. The crew has one misson: stay alive, and take down Aric’s armed and armored fleet.

But when Caledonia’s best friend and second-in-command just barely survives an attack thanks to help from a Bullet looking to defect, Caledonia finds herself questioning whether or not to let him join their crew. Is this boy the key to taking down Aric Athair once and for all…or will he threaten everything the women of the Mors Navis have worked for?”

Female seafaring captains seem to be the YA trend.  I’ve read quite a few in the past year. This is another book with life or death action steered by a strong female character leading her loyal crew.  This is a good one.  Fast paced, plenty of dialogue, mission to rescue captured brothers, and a question of loyalty.  Can Caledonia really trust the Bullet they have taken in?  Does it make sense for him to so readily turn on the ruthless fleet of Aric Athair?  The end sets things in place for the next book that I look forward to reading.

eGalley review                                               Publication date 8.28.18

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