The Killing Room – Peter May

The Killing RoomWell, Margaret has done it again. She was in Chicago attending the funeral of her father, when called back to China to assist in the autopsies. After a short briefing, instead of being allowed to get some sleep, she is hustled to a welcome banquet. Of course, there is alcohol for toasts, and combined with the vodka she had at the bar earlier, Margaret is a bit outspoken. No, not just a bit. She manages to insult most of the dignitaries present. Dr. Margaret Campbell is an eminent forensic pathologist, quite skilled in her profession. Unfortunately, her people skills are lacking. Thus, her love affair with detective Li Yan has lots of rough patches. The setting for this novel is Shanghai, as Li has been called there to investigate the discovery of a mass burial containing eighteen dismembered female bodies. The descriptions of the city are beautiful, such a contrast with gray, dirty Beijing. The plot moves quickly, and the book is hard to put down. But BE PREPARED, the descriptions of autopsies are not for those with weak stomachs. This is the third book in the China Thrillers series written about seventeen years ago. It may be read as a stand alone, but having the background information from the first two makes this one more interesting. I have enjoyed the books, but they are early Peter May and lack the depth and beauty of the Lewis Trilogy. Still, it is interesting to see how his writing has matured.

eGalley review                                                                         Publication date 9.4.18

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