How to Fracture a Fairy Tale – Jane Yolen

How to Fracture a Fairy TaleOh, how I love Jane Yolen’s fairy tales! I promised myself that I would make them last. Read only one a day. Yeah, right. That didn’t last very long. I gobbled them down like a greedy little pig. There were princes and princesses, dragons and frogs, and there was an unhappy bridge. There were myths, legends and fairy tales. My favorite was Sleeping Ugly. Or maybe Happy Dens or A Day in the Old Wolves’ Home. But Cinder Elephant was really good, too. Let’s face it, I loved them all. Some made me happy, some made me want to cry, some were disturbing. All of them left me wanting more. The very best part, though, were the Notes and Poems, wherein she discussed just how and why she fractured each story and included a poem relevant to the story. If I counted correctly, there are 29 stories in all. A little more than half are new to this book. I recommend this book for anyone who loves an unexpected twist to an old tale.

eGalley review                                                               Publication date 11.5.18

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