Rewrite: Loops in the Timescape – Gregory Benford

rewriteCharlie’s life hasn’t been the greatest. He is a rather ordinary history professor, going through a divorce. But when he gets hit by a truck, he wakes up in his bed instead of a hospital. Things get weird when he realizes that this is his bed in the room that was his as a teenager, and this is his body when he was sixteen years old, but this is his mind, still in his 40s. And things get interesting when Charlie decides this second life is going to be really good. The premise is great. Who wouldn’t want to take the accumulated knowledge of a lifetime and do some stuff over. And the first part of the book does just that. But then Charlie dies again and comes back again, and begins to notice other people like him who loop through time. I really like Gregory Benford’s books, but this one didn’t grab me.  There were too many well-known people entering the picture that made the book seem a bit campy. If you want a really good time travel book, read the original Timescape.

eGalley review                                                                  Publication date 1.15.19

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