The Au Pair – Emma Rous

the aupairSeraphine is in her father’s study at the estate on the Norfolk coast. Still shocked by her father’s accidental death, she’s struggling to clear the mass of papers and photographs, unhappy with the fact that there are no early pictures of her or her twin, Danny. But of course there would be none. Her father would have been overwhelmed with grief. You see, her mother threw herself from the cliffs a few hours after the birth of the twins. But then she finds a photograph of her mother sitting on the patio with a tiny baby. Her father is there. Her older brother is there. They all look quite happy, and on the back is a date, the day the twins were born. Too many questions flood Seraphine’s mind . . . which twin is it and why only one, why commit suicide when she looks so happy. Just what happened on that day. But there was an au pair, Laura. She should have been there that day. She must know what really happened. If only Seraphine can find her. This is another “can’t put it down book”. The chapters alternate between Serahine’s voice and Laura’s voice. There are unexpected twists and turns, and just as I thought I had it all figured out, nope, wrong again. It has everything:  a Gothic setting, a heroine in danger, secrets, lies. I loved it.

eGalley review                                                       Publication date 1.8.19

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