The Wicked King – Holly Black

wicked kingThe sequel to The Cruel Prince opens with all of Jude’s plans coming to fruition.  Oak is safely growing up in the human world until he comes of age to rule, replacing Cardan.  Cardan now rules, temporarily, but is well controlled by Jude.  Madoc warns Jude that it is keeping power, once gained, that is most challenging.  She is bound to slip up.  After all, she is mortal in the land of fae where trickery and cruelty are ever present.  Jude faces betrayals worse than the physical injuries and tortures she endures.  King Cardan is delightfully complex.  Does he truly care for Jude or is he playing her?  Can any fae truly love a mortal?  Jude betrayed Madoc.  Can she trust him now?  And what of the bargains she made to put Carden on the throne?  So much to juggle and this takes a toll.

Wow!  I waited in line for an hour to get this galley and meet the amazing Holly Black.  The story is woven so cleverly with each character so clearly drawn. I like Cardan, even with the twists in his character it is hard not to empathize with him. I don’t find him nearly as cruel or wicked as having to wait over a year for the third book in the series.  Highly recommend!

Galley review                                                         Publication date 1.8.19

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