The Legend of Sally Jones – Jakob Wegelius

legend of sally jonesLast year, Delecorte Press published The Murderer’s Ape and I thought it was terrific. So very unique.  I recently ordered a hardback of The Legend of Sally Jones published by Pushkin Press and not readily available in the US.  The title needs to be published and promoted in the U.S.  The Legend of Sally Jones is a short book, a picture book of sorts. Each page is beautifully, brilliantly illustrated to accompany each short paragraph describing the events in Sally’s life preceding her adventures in The Murderer’s Ape.  When she was quite young, Sally was captured in Africa.  She had many owners including one master thief who trained her to scale buildings, pick locks and steal for her.  She spent years in a zoo, then a circus before she made her way to a harbor.  There she began her life on the sea and met “The Chief” (Ship’s Engineer).  Sally is amazing. Tender of heart, acts with emotion, loyal, and can learn anything – ANYTHING!.  The illustrations are so detailed.  I wish I had a huge poster of any of the illustrations or book cover.

If more readers were introduced to this short picture book first, they should clamor for the longer novel, The Murderer’s Ape. Highly recommend!

Hardback                                                         Publication date 2008 (outside U.S.)

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