If Cats Disappeared from the World – Genki Kawamura, trans by Eric Selland

If Cats DisappearedIf you were given only a few more days to live, just what would you do? Well, the young postman in this story is faced with that situation and sits down to write the 10 things he wants to do before he dies, but his effort isn’t very successful. So the devil shows up to help, and of course he has a bargain. To gain one more day of life one thing must be removed from the world. The catch is, the devil gets to pick what will disappear each day. This is an odd little book, translated from the Japanese. It is advertised as a “quirky and charming homily on the true meaning of life,” and sold over a million copies in Japan. It might have lost something in translation, but I suspect that the Japanese see the world differently, for while it was an OK read, it didn’t really grab me.

eGalley review                                  Publication date 3.12.19

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