Unto Us a Son Is Given – Donna Leon

Unto Us a Son is GivenCommissario Gido Brunetti is having a difficult conversation with his father-in-law, Count Orazio Falier. The Count is hoping that Brunetti will agree to look into the affairs of a mutual elderly friend. It seems that the friend is planning on adopting a younger man as his son, which would make the young man heir to a large fortune, and Brunetti’s father-in-law feels that is not a good thing. But Brunetti thinks that it is not his business, that the friend should be allowed to do as he pleases, and he is reluctant to interfere. I sometimes wonder if these books should be classified as mysteries. As is often the case, most of the book is devoted to Brunetti’s family life, the everyday interaction with his wife and children, his associates at work, the books he is currently reading. And this is what I love most. Life in Venice is slower than it is here. Much more civilized. Brunetti even goes home for a long, home cooked lunch with wife and children. The prose is beautiful, describing lovely food, and a lovely Venice. There is, eventually, a murder. And quickly, and neatly the crime is solved. This is the 28h book in the series. It would be possible to enjoy it as a stand alone, but so much back story would be missing.

eGalley review                                       Publication date 3.5.19

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