Riviera Gold : A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes – Laurie R. King

Riviera GoldWhile Holmes was away doing something or other, Mary was lounging on the Venice Lido with a new friend, (the Honourable Terrence Shields-McClintock), when Terry suddenly said, “You need to come sailing with us. Truly.” Twenty-two days later she found herself, bronzed and blistered, on the Riviera. It’s the summer of 1925, and the Riviera is full of American expats and celebrities. Among others, Mary runs into Lily Langtree, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Pablo Picasso, and to her immense surprise, she happens on the Holmeses’ former housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson, who left England after being accused of murder. Unfortunately a young man is found murdered in Mrs. Hudson’s front room, and Mrs. Hudson is once again accused of murder. Holmes soon turns up to help Mary defend Mrs. Hudson. This is more Mary’s story with Holmes in a lesser role, and I didn’t like it as much as some of the previous books. I missed Holmes’  deceptions and disguises. It is still a very good read, with lavish descriptions of the lives of the rich and famous, twists and turns of plot, narrow escapes, evil villains.

eGalley review                                                                Publication date 6.9.2020

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