Or What You Will – Jo Walton

Or What You WillHe has had an amazing life. He can be anyone, do anything. He can be a boy or a god, play anyone. It’s hard to believe he is just a figment of Sylvia’s imagination. But it’s true, and he has been living in her head for quite a while. You see, he has been a character in over thirty of Sylvia Harrison’s novels. Unfortunately, Sylvia’s life is coming to an end, and he will die with her. He finds this totally unacceptable and comes up with a plan that will keep both of them alive forever.

I loved this book. It is narrated by the figment of Sylvia’s imagination and the story jumps from the pages of the novel Sylvia is writing to the real world and back. It’s a story within a story, within a story, full of delightful characters, so much fun and unlike anything I have read. Don’t miss it.

eGalley review                                          Publication date 7.7.2020

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