The Geometry of Holding Hands: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel (13) – Alexander McCall Smith

Geometry of Holding HandsWhat a treat in this era of staying home and self-distancing. Isabel Dalhousie is always calm and

reassuring. You know that everything will be all right, eventually.  This time, her problems center on her niece, Cat, who has an unsuitable boyfriend (as usual), and a rather odd request she received from a stranger. He wants her to be the executor of his estate, for he is dying of cancer and can’t decide which of his relatives will use it best. Since she is the editor of the quarterly publication Review of Applied Ethics’ Isabel naturally thinks things through to come to the most ethical conclusion.


This is Book 13 in the series, but it is easily a standalone novel.

eGalley review                                                     Publication date 7.28.2020

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