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The Sea Queen – Linnea Hartsuyker

Svanhild likes the feel of the steering oar, the feel of the water. Her son Eystein has six summers and is a tall frail boy. Unlike his parents, he has no love of the sea. He hates the sea and … Continue reading

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The Half-Drowned King – Linnea Hartsuyker

Ragnvald knew he would drown, and it would not be a terrible death, better than dying from the wound in his face. The cold had penetrated his body. It would not be long now. Then he felt something pull on … Continue reading

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Shadow on the Mountain – Margi Preus

When the Nazis begin to occupy Norway in the early 1940’s, they anticipate that the citizens will be grateful for their presence and will be easy to mold.  While many young Norwegians quickly move to support the Nazis, many others … Continue reading

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