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1941: The America That Went to War – William M. Christie

This is the story of the end of an era. The last year before America lost its innocence, the year before everything changed. It is told, month by month, with an event that occurred in that month as the theme. … Continue reading

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Salt to the Sea – Ruta Sepetys

During the close of WWII, Europeans were frantically trying to get out of the way of the advancing Russian troops.  Rape, pillage, torture.  Masses were making their way north to the Baltic Sea to board the evacuation ships.  A former … Continue reading

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Front Lines – Michael Grant

What if women were included in the armed forces during World War II?  This is the premise behind this vivid portrayal of army life during WWII.  The first part of the book focuses on several women and what led them … Continue reading

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The Train to Crystal City: FDR’s Secret Prisoner Exchange Program and America’s Only Family Internment Camp During World War II – Jan Jarboe Russell

Crystal City, Texas, is a small town in a sandy, dry prairie near the Mexican border.  Its only claim to fame is spinach.  The sandy soil turned out to be fine for growing spinach and a statue of Popeye stands … Continue reading

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Rose Under Fire – Elizabeth Wein

Humanity is stripped to the basic levels of good and evil in this brilliant historical fiction novel that relates the horrors of Ravensbruck – a Nazi concentration camp. During WWII, women pilots flew fighting planes to airfields.  The intent was … Continue reading

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Shadow on the Mountain – Margi Preus

When the Nazis begin to occupy Norway in the early 1940’s, they anticipate that the citizens will be grateful for their presence and will be easy to mold.  While many young Norwegians quickly move to support the Nazis, many others … Continue reading

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Code Name Verity – Elizabeth Wein

This book is amazing and intense.  The story follows two young women and their involvement in the British war effort during WWII.  One is a pilot, the other is a spy.  The story opens in Julie’s voice.  She has been … Continue reading

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