Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Cinder is a teenaged cyborg in future China that is suffering from a world-wide plague.  Being a cyborg or part machine, it is natural that Cinder is a mechanic/techie and runs a booth in the market fixing anything mechanical.  Yes, it is cyborg Cinderella and one of the best books I’ve read recently.  There most certainly is a prince.  He is the dashing, kind, young ruler-to-be in need of a mechanic to fix his android.  When his father dies of the plague, Prince Kai inherits the plague catastrophe and also impending invasion from a Lunar nation.  Cyborgs are considered to be second class citizens thus expendable in the experimentation for a plague cure.  Cinder’s cruel step-mother gladly turns over Cinder for experimentation in exchange for payment.   The plague scientist discovers who or what she really is . . .

The characters are solid and the writing is engaging.  This book has the linger effect or fixation factor.  I did not want to put it down and the story stayed with me, nagging at my brain as I went about my day.  That’s the mark of a really good story.  I see this as the next big YA hit, except one thing could hold it back – the cover!  The cover art shown on this blog entry is perfectly fine.   Not girly – somewhat enchanting.  While I was reading, I thought finally there is a Cinderella story that boys will enjoy!  As I write this it seems the cover art had changed.  A red shoe with a 4-inch heel is on the cover.  Arrgh!  So boys, ignore the cover and read this book.  There is no smooch romance in Cinder.  It is a unique science fiction, action, mystery story and I eagerly wait the next installment.

Galley review – publication date 1.3.12

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