Delirium – Lauren Oliver

Controlling emotions, specifically love, is the best way to solve the problems in society.  Around 18, everyone gets a bit of brain surgery to remove the emotion center ridding people of the highs and lows of love.  No more passion, no more heartache.  Lena is looking forward to the surgery because she does not want to succumb to deliria nervosa as her older sister and her mother did.  Then along comes a boy and she feels the power of love . . .

This was the hot YA dystopian forbidden love story published in January 2011 and reviewed and blogged about all spring.  I wanted to wait to read it until the sequel, Pandemonium, is closer to release (March 2012).  Oliver’s writing is exquisite.  Every word appears to have been so carefully pondered.  The nuances in her writing stand out.

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