Stolen Away – Alyxandra Harvey

I enjoyed reading Stolen Away and hope there will be more to come.  Eloise has no idea that her mysterious aunt Antonia is the bride of the current Faery king.  He was supposed to rule the Faery courts for seven years, but greed and power got the best of him and he wants a longer rule.  In order to extend his rule, he must wrestle power from Antonia who has hidden herself away from the Faerie.  What’s a king to do?  He kidnaps Eloise knowing Antonia will attempt a rescue.  To tell anything more about the plot will spoil it for the readers.  I love the characters in the book.  The three teens involved are the three musketeers, out to save the day.  They are no nonsense, tough and wise cracking.  No simpering whininess but a get-it-done approach to right the wrongs created by the messed up world of Faery.  Both girls have a romantic interest and I approve of their choices!  It is their male friend, Devin that I really like.  The girls drag Devin into the rescue attempt and he is almost drowned by a kelpie.  Typical Devin:

 “So, you get a Fae prince, El gets a hawk, and I get a psychotic water horse who tries to kill me?  How is that fair?” . . .  “You guys haven’t even read Lord of the Rings,” he said again, disgusted. 

The author includes great dialog, brilliant characters, a tinge of romance, and plenty of action (fighting) that leads to a heck of a climax and sets everything up for more.  Stolen Away is the perfect Faery book for tweens, teens and adults.  There is romance, but not over-the-top lusting.

NetGalley review.  Publication date:  01.17.12

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