The False Princess – Eilis O’Neal

false princessYears ago, when the king and queen heard the prophesy that their daughter would be murdered by her 16th birthday, they sent their infant daughter away to live in safety while an unwanted infant was brought to the castle to be raised as the princess.  This substitute princess was raised to believe she truly was the king and queen’s daughter and sole heir.  When the murderous year came and went, it was time to bring the royal daughter back and push out the substitute daughter.  This is the story of Sinda, raised to be a princess but in reality is a very poor commoner.  It turns out that Sinda is not quite so common and has come into her own magical powers to discover that something is amuck with plotting to overturn the crown.  How can she bring herself to help the people that turned her out, that she thought loved her?  Quite a bit of twisting in this devious plot will keep readers involved in the story.  Very good.

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