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Pivot Point – Kasie West

Apparently there are those with super power mental abilities who have built a large society hidden from view in central Texas.  Mood control, memory erasure, mass manipulation, and clairvoyance are examples of skills.  When Addie’s parents announce they are divorcing … Continue reading

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Hysteria – Megan Miranda

Mallory killed her boyfriend, Brian.  Stabbed him with a knife and he bled to death on her kitchen floor.  The law said it was self-defense.  They’ve had to get a restraining order against Brian’s mother who is grief stricken and … Continue reading

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A Week in Winter – Maeve Binchy

No one had ever called her Geraldine.  She had always been Chicky.  The youngest of a large brood of Ryans, her job had been to care for the hens.  Stoneybridge, on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, was a wonderful place … Continue reading

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Rushing to Paradise – J. G. Ballard

The French are considering a nuclear test on Saint-Esprit Island.  In order to facilitate the building of a runway, albatross nests have been destroyed and birds were killed by the hundreds.  Dr. Barbara’s mission in life, at least for now, … Continue reading

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