Through the Ever Night – Veronica Rossi

throughtheevernightPicking up where Under the Never Sky left off, we are once again on a future Earth where solar flares destroyed the protective atmospheric layer so the Earth is now plagued with aether storms of violent destructive energy.  Perry brings Aria into his tribe, mistakenly thinking the tribe will welcome a Dweller into their midst, much less united with their leader.  The only hope for mankind, both Dwellers and Tribes is in finding a better living environment.  They seek the Still Blue, a rumored region without aether storms.  So Aria and Roar (Perry’s loyal and lovable friend) set out on a dangerous journey hoping to find the Still Blue and Roar’s true love, Liv.

This second book picks right up where the first one stopped.  The author fills in with backstory throughout the book, but it is best to refresh memory of characters before starting this second book.   The excellent writing continues and leaves the reader eager for the next installment, hoping for a better life for Cinder . . . Highly recommend

eGalley review   Publication date 1.8.13

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