A Week in Winter – Maeve Binchy

aweek in winterNo one had ever called her Geraldine.  She had always been Chicky.  The youngest of a large brood of Ryans, her job had been to care for the hens.  Stoneybridge, on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, was a wonderful place for children to grow up.  Chicky thought she’d never leave.  But leave she did, falling in love with a handsome American boy and greatly upsetting her family.  After living in America for  five years she got up her courage and returned for a visit, which turned out to be not so bad.  So every summer she returned in July to the place she loved.  Chicky worked hard to save her money and returned for good after years in New York.  She bought the large stone house on the cliff and turned it into a lovely bed and breakfast.  After working on the project for what seemed to be an eternity, the house was ready for it’s opening week.  The guests for that opening week are a wonderful collection, each with a background story.  And here is where Maeve Binchy shines, quickly bringing us into these lives, making us feel that we know these people well.  I always feel warm and comforted while reading Maeve Binchy.  This book, her last, may be her best.

eGalley review     Publication date 2.12.13

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