Hysteria – Megan Miranda

hysteriaMallory killed her boyfriend, Brian.  Stabbed him with a knife and he bled to death on her kitchen floor.  The law said it was self-defense.  They’ve had to get a restraining order against Brian’s mother who is grief stricken and stalking Mallory.  Mallory is taking sleeping pills trying to get past what happened.  Her parents decide to ship her off to boarding school, weeks after the death.  (Seriously?  No counseling for their daughter, just a bottle of sleeping pills?)  At the school, she knows someone is after her or haunting her . . . or is she succumbing to hysteria?

This suspense/thriller was tedious.  There was far too much about the social goings-on at the boarding school that let the story drag.  The flashback telling of Brian’s death is given in bits and pieces throughout the story.  This technique is frequently done in this genre, but this time, the little teases of information were more annoying.  I fought the urge to just skim ahead and only read the italics of the flashback.

eGalley review    Publication date 2.5.13

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